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Web Development - Partnership Program

This Program is Good For

Advertising Agencies,
Graphic Design,
Marketing, and
Public Relations Firms

A Partnership that makes sense:

Provide your clients withwhat they need to increase market share in today's marketplace and propel them into new markets they never thought of.

Clients are demanding

Web design services are a specialized, high-technology field advancing faster than you probably have time for.
In partnership with us, you can offer high quality, complete Web site services, under your concept design direction.

We Translate Your Ideas Onto The Web

Advertising, marketing, and public relations firms know how to get a message across: your strength is creativity and communications. But when it comes to Web administration, database programming, certain Internet marketing specifics, 24-hour technical support - forget about it. That's our field: making your ideas come to life on the Internet.

Partnership Program

A proven partnership that works. Fortune Works has successfully employed this approach since 1996.
The partnership is straight-forward: you're the account manager and concept designer, we provide complete Web services, through you. We do Web design without account management overhead, you satisfy client demand.
The Internet is already an essential, indispensable part of any marketing campaign. Investment and overhead in directly providing these services is far from trivial. We believe the best solution is what we are offering: a long- term relationship with a well-established, reputable industry leader.

Exactly What Does Fortune Works Do ?

Web Site Design Reviews

We review Web designs you are proposing for your clients and make specific design recommendations, including:

  • Web design (performance optimization, fileformats, size, colors)
  • Content organization
  • Site mapSite navigationDatabaseInter-activity (email interfaces, response forms)
  • Multimedia (audio, video, movies, animation)

Web Site Development

Upon design approval, Fortune Work's multifaceted development team further advances your creation using state-of-the-art tools and methods, such as:

  • Advanced DHTML, CSS
  • MySQL, PHP (for back end)
  • Perl
  • Java Script
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • QuickTime VR
  • Video
  • Flash


Fortune Works can provide photographic imagery optimized for print and/or Web. We work with design firms to create photographic images to be used in a combined print and Web environment. QuickTime VR panoramas can show an interior or exterior architectural design or your client's work environment.

Web Site Hosting

We register a domain name to the completed Web site and install your client's site on a high traffic server with multiple redundant access. Your client will then have a Web based control panel from which they can control such things as: unlimited POP email , email redirection, and FTP access. Additionally, we provide:

  • 24-hour technical support
  • Maintenance and graphics upgrades
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Server Statistics

Search Engine Optimization & Web Promotion

Promoting a Web site on-line is a specialty. Knowing search engine technologies and how to design your client's files to provide optimum recognition is just the first part. To utilize this new medium and successfully reach your clients target, knowledge of various Web based advertising and promotional opportunities is a must.